PerfAlign™ Self-Orienting Gun System

Precise and Accurate Perforations

SWM’s innovative, field-proven PerfAlign™ Self -Orienting Gun System enables highly accurate, highly precise perforations—without the problem of fighting wellbore friction with eccentric weight bars.

Many factors influence the success of an oil and gas well, but accurate frac-fluid placement is one of the most important aspects of completion design. This is largely determined by perforation location and hole size. The most efficient communication between the wellbore and producing zones is essential to evaluate and optimize production and ultimate recovery from each zone.

This is why the PerfAlign Self-Orienting Gun System is your best choice for achieving an ideal completion. You now have the ability to accurately target the desired direction and formation zone in order to optimize completions and production.

SWM’s PerfStrike™ Compact Addressable Switch and SWM subs complete the industry’s most advanced self-orienting gun system.


  • Improve consistency of perforation hole size
  • Overcome fluid bias
  • Target specific formation areas for increased production
  • Eliminate external eccentric weight bars and swivel subs
  • Wellbore friction and fluid does not affect rotation or accuracy
  • Field proven and tested to extreme parameters


Number of shots1 to 8
OD2-3/4, 3-1/8, 3-3/8 in.
Shot density (shots per foot)1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
PhasingAny angle & asymmetrical configurations
Shape ChargesStandard Sizes
Pressure20,000 psi
SubsReusable or disposable
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